Skullgirls Coming to PCs

With cross-platform matchmaking between the PC and PS3!

Reverge Labs didn’t exactly make a secret out of their plans for a PC version of Skullgirls and recently those rumors were confirmed. Included in the PC version shall be some of the things that appear to be missing from the console versions at this point: in-game move lists, trials and other small stuff. The great part is that those updates will be free downloads for the versions that are already out. Another fantastic piece of news is that PS3- and PC-players will be able to play against each other across  the platform-border, which makes even me, who has the game on his Xbox, want to get the PC-version.

Skullgirls will be out “later this year” and be available on GameFly, GamersGate, GameStop PC Downloads, Origin TM, and Steam. Basically everywhere.


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