Amazing Pre-order Bonus for The Amazing Spider-Man

There’s another pre-order bonus from another store, but honestly, who gives a crap?

As far as I know this incredible idea was inspired by a humorous comic-cover, in which Stan Lee acted out Spider-Man’s first appearance on his own comic. Now, if you pre-order this game from Amazon, you’ll be able to play as mister Lee himself, as he somehow acquired Spider-Man’s powers and uses them to find pieces of his latest script. If you were to get the game from Gamestop instead, you’d get to play as Rhino, one of Spider-Man’s enemies and.. *yawn*. Sorry, what? Why would you even care? Stan Lee, motherfuckers!

All of this only applies to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 versions of The Amazing Spider-Man, in case you were wondering.


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