Urge to Write.. Rising..!

Remember me? Because I don’t remember you and I don’t know who let you in here without my permission. You better leave before I call the cops an-.. hold on, somebody’s calling me.

As it turns out I’m not supposed to send you away, so I guess I might as well treat you like guests and explain what is up.

You may have noticed that I have not posted anything on here in well over two years and had probably given up on ever reading it again. But now here we are. You and I. Why? Because for a while now I have wanted to go back to writing from time to time but didn’t really know where. Then I randomly checked out this old blog, read through some of my articles just for the fun of it and found some of them to actually be kind of entertaining. A few of them even had actual content. Wow!

The reason I originally stopped “working” on this blog was because I forced myself to post at least once every day and because of that and my horrible work ethic most of the posts I made were horribly short and not very well done. So I felt like I was doing a poor job and just quit it altogether.

This time I plan to only write when I actually feel like it will be worth it, putting a huge emphasis on quality over quantity. Will my updates come regularly? I don’t know. Will I end up quitting at some point again? Maybe. But bear with me and we might have some fun, ok?


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