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Resident Evil 6 Trailer

Since I somehow forgot to post something yesterday I’ll give you the double dose today. Starting with this.

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Dark Souls Coming to PC

And you thought you had an excuse not to play this!

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Sonic 4: Episode II to Release May 15th

And it’s coming to EVERY GOD DAMN SYSTEM EVER!

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An Amazing FGC Trailer

Iplaywinner posted this beauty as a promo for their upcoming events this Summer. Some of the most moving and well done video-editing work I’ve seen for this type of thing. It is absolutely worth watching.

Double Dragon Reboot On Its Way(forward)

I must seem like a total fanboy of those guys..

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Notch’s New Game is “0x10c”

It’s in space!

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Leisure Suit Larry Might Be Coming… Back

Get it? Because “coming” could mean ejaculating. Hahaha!

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Check Out Torchlight II’s Pets

Did you forget about this game because of Diablo III’s release date? You are a bad person!

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FEZ Finally Has A Release Date

It’s all about release dates nowadays.

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