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Persona 4 Arena Story Screenshots

Because story modes in fighting games are always amazing.

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Persona 4 Arena Gets Console Release Date

Even though it’s not even confirmed for Europe yet.

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Labrys Joins The Persona 4 Fighting Game Cast

A schoolgirl robot wielding a giant battle axe? It doesn’t get any better than this.

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Persona 4 The Ultimate Opening

Your reminder that this game is going to be awesome.

Over an Hour of Super Dragon Ball Z Tournament Action

A Dragon Ball themed fighting game I had never seen before that is actually good? How did this happen?

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New Bloody Roar Not Actually In Development

Turns out the tweet that announced the next Hudson fighting game pulled a Chuck Testa on us.

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A New Bloody Roar in the Works

And furries all around the globe are having a ball!

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Gill Playable in SFIII: 3s Online Edition and 20% Off on PSN PLAY

With the release of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition being later this month it’s about time we got to know everything that is still left unknown about this game, today we got a bit of that.

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New Darkstalkers Announced (maybe)

During the SFxT conference at SDCC Yoshinori Ono just revealed this image and (sort of?) announced that there would be a new Darkstalkers.

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