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Diablo III Beta Open For Everyone This Weekend

It hasn’t actually started yet but in a bit over 8 hours from now it will go live.

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Fie Spiction

I’m running out of ideas for titles here.

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The Fiction of Spies

Time to dust off the hole or something. What?

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Spy Fiction: The Spy Fiction Story

Find even more suspense and drama after the jump!

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Spy Fiction Continues!

As promised, here are the most recently uploaded parts of my playthrough of SWERY’s first game. Including the opening, finally!

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The Indie Royale Lightning Pack

That’s some seriou- *gets shot*

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Spy Fiction – The Playthrough

Here it is! That game I was talking about. The first part is pretty short, so don’t worry! It’s fine! I’m not sure how frequently I’ll upload more parts yet, but I’ll do one post on this blog every week containing (all) the new one(s). Feedback would be nice either here or in the Youtube comments.

Resident Evil 6 is a Thing

I have no idea why this surprised me.

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Trenched Getting its Name Changed to Iron Brigade

Since Trenched didn’t make it to Europe under its original name because of copyright issues, Double Fine released it under the name┬áIron Brigade in PAL regions.

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Indie Game [stranded] Just Launched

It has dinosaurs!

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