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Mighty Switch Force to Get Some DLC

Twitter is going wild with news lately, eh?

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Check Out Torchlight II’s Pets

Did you forget about this game because of Diablo III’s release date? You are a bad person!

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Watch as Desk, probably the most prolific and popular combo video-creator in the fighting game scene, gives a little show of the mischief Kuro and Toro, the adorable little Sony mascots, can perform in Street Fighter X Tekken.

This makes me equally sad as it makes my heart race with adorbs (that’s totally a real word), since I can’t use them on my Xbox. Sadface.

Check Out Offspring Fling!

If that doesn’t look nice I don’t even know anymore.

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Review: Mighty Switch Force

Wayforward released their latest downloadable on the Nintendo 3DS not too long ago. Let me tell you about it.. IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!

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Pushmo Gets an English Trailer

I think talked about a Japanese trailer of this game a while ago.. I think.

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Bidding E3 Farewell in Style

Watch as Jonathan Holmes, an associate editor at Destructoid, spends the last 30 minutes of the Electronic Entertainment Expo as awesomely as possible.

What an appropriate way to close out E3.

Review: Monster Tale

Monster Tale is one of the last few Nintendo DS games and promises to be “The next great DS game” on the packaging. Does this statement hold true?

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The last Nintendo DS game to be a Kirby game

July 7th is the date Japanese players can D’AWWWW again.

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