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An Amazing FGC Trailer

Iplaywinner posted this beauty as a promo for their upcoming events this Summer. Some of the most moving and well done video-editing work I’ve seen for this type of thing. It is absolutely worth watching.

Deadly Premoniton: Director’s Cut Coming to PS3

Finally Sony-Loyalists will get a chance to bask in this game’s glory.

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Gal Gun Gets DLC

It’s not creepy if they’re not real! It is real love though!

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Video Taste: Amazing! Remarkable Games 2011

It’s the last day of the year, so I was basically forced to do something like this.

I totally forgot to mention Portal 2! Damn!

Get Portal For Free Until The 20th

You have until September the 20th to get something you should have played ages ago.

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Mighty Switch Force Trailer

Check out your next favorite Nintendo 3DS game.

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Not-Review of OOT 3D

Everybody already knows whether they like Ocarina of Time or not, so writing a whole review would just be a waste of time.

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The OOT 3DS Bag isn’t Very Good

It almost seems like a custom for me to get my pre-order bonus after the actual game now.

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I own Ocarina Of Time 3D

MY PRECIOUSSSJust wanted to make sure you’re jealous. Might write a review about this, we’ll see.

Also, I don’t hate Navi. Stop hating.


I’m not usually a fan of “happy happy family time” videos, but JUST LOOK AT THAT BEARD! DAMN!

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