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Mega Man Legends Officially Canceled

Some saw it coming, others (me) were hopeful for the future of this game, but Capcom finally did it.

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Cute Roll Concept Art

Mega Man Legends 3 and its prologue haven’t received a new release date since Prologue was delayed and since then there hasn’t exactly been a flood of information on either of those games. So have some Roll concept art!

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Mega Man Volnutt’s New Design

Recently Mega Man Volnutt, the Protagonist of the Mega Man Legends series, got his design for the upcoming sequel finalized.

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Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version delayed

I guess we won't be seeing him (her?) on the eShop's launch.

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3DS Update coming June 6/7th

Remember how I told you about the update for the 3DS coming later this month? Well, Nintendo has come out and said that it won’t be hitting until the evening of June 6th in America, which will be the 7th in Japan an Europe. The reason for this delay probably has to do with E3 being held on said day, as Andriasang has pointed out. Now the question that remains is what urged them to do this. Will they announce or reveal something incredible? We will just have to wait and see on that one.