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WayForward to be Working on Adventure Time Game

They’re teaming up with Pendleton Ward to do the deed.

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Pokemon Black/White 2

I guess Pokemon Gray didn’t sound good enough?

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Ace Attorney 123HD Available for iOS

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Ace Attorney 5 is Announced!

If after reading the headline you have suddenly become unable to see your screen because it somehow turned all white, that is because of a phenomenon discovered by yours truly called “jizzing all over your screen”. It can even happen to women, as Ace Attorney 5 being announced is so awesome.

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The New Pokemon Game Has Been Unveiled..

And it’s a crossover with Nobunaga’s Ambition.. and on the original Nintendo DS..?

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Review: Kirby – Mass Attack

How many Kirbys (Kirbies?) does it take to suck up an enemy and copy his abilities? More than 10, apparently.

Kirby – Mass Attack is one of the last Nintendo DS games to come out and it was released not too long ago in Europe, after being available in America for about a month. Is this a proper farewell for one of the most successful gaming devices in history, or will no one remember this game now that the 3DS is taking over?

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Pushmo Gets an English Trailer

I think talked about a Japanese trailer of this game a while ago.. I think.

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Behold the New Limited Edition Zelda 3DS!

Feast your eyes on this beautiful piece of art!

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Layton Brothers – Mystery Room Coming to iDevices

One of the Nintendo DS’s most popular franchises is ready to get your gears turning on Apple’s hardware.

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The World Ends With You Might Get A Sequel

And I couldn’t be happier.

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