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Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Coming to Consoles

Not just any other fighting game will be up for download in early June.

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Persona 4 Arena Story Screenshots

Because story modes in fighting games are always amazing.

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Skullgirls Coming to PCs

With cross-platform matchmaking between the PC and PS3!

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Skullgirls Finally Coming to European and Australian PSN

In case you for some reason don’t just have a US account on Playstation Network, this should be awesome news to you!

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Persona 4 Arena Gets Console Release Date

Even though it’s not even confirmed for Europe yet.

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Skullgirls is Out!


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An Amazing FGC Trailer

Iplaywinner posted this beauty as a promo for their upcoming events this Summer. Some of the most moving and well done video-editing work I’ve seen for this type of thing. It is absolutely worth watching.

Anarchy Reigns get Release Dates

It releases worldwide almost simultaneously.

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Bayonetta is in Anarchy Reigns!

She IS a fucking celebrity!

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.hack//Versus Announced

More fighting games! MOOOOOOORE!

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