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Nintendo 3DS Ambassador GBA Games Announced and Dated

They’re coming this year after all and boy, are they good!

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Metroid II Coming To Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

It is actually going to be available in Japan this week.

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Gargoyle’s Quest Available on 3DS Virtual Console

If you followed the recent Nintendo 3DS virtual console releases you’d know that the line up has been kind of weak. With this release though, we get something rather interesting.

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Original Shantae Might Come to 3DS Virtual Console

Remember Shantae? You probably don’t but it’s an amazing Game Boy Colow game that came out a little too late in its system’s life span to get a lot of attention.

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SURPRISE! Tetris to Come to the 3DS

Something like that. Perverts.Who would have thought that the next Tetris game would come out on Nintendo’s latest handheld system?

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The Real eShop Start Lineup

None of this =(

Remember the eShop Lineup I posted some time ago?

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