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Fie Spiction

I’m running out of ideas for titles here.

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The Fiction of Spies

Time to dust off the hole or something. What?

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Spy Fiction: The Spy Fiction Story

Find even more suspense and drama after the jump!

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Spy Fiction Continues!

As promised, here are the most recently uploaded parts of my playthrough of SWERY’s first game. Including the opening, finally!

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Spy Fiction – The Playthrough

Here it is! That game I was talking about. The first part is pretty short, so don’t worry! It’s fine! I’m not sure how frequently I’ll upload more parts yet, but I’ll do one post on this blog every week containing (all) the new one(s). Feedback would be nice either here or in the Youtube comments.


Tell Me What to Play for You!

I have pretty much decided on doing a Let’s Play thing but I’m not sure what game I should play. I’m thinking of either doing Super Mario RPG for the SNES, Luigi’s Mansion for the GameCube or maybe God Hand on the Playstation 2. God Hand would probably have me going mad with rage, so if you want me to suffer or just want to see that game, that should be your choice. Luigi’s Mansion I have always wanted to play and with a sequel coming out for the 3DS sometime in the nearer future I’d have a reason to play it. Super Mario RPG has been on my to-play-list for a long time and I hear it’s an outstanding piece of game that surpasses even Mario & Luigi 3: Bowser’s Inside Story, which I adore extremely. So there you go, pick your/my poison!

Video Taste: Let’s Play The Binding of Isaac

Calling it “Video Taste” because it’s supposed to give you an impression of what a Let’s Play-Style series by me might look like. Part 2 is after the jump.

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Is There a Video Series on its Way?

The video really says it all. What I forgot to mention is the possibility of a podcast, though if I did that by myself that would be a little sad and lonely. Tell me your thoughts in the comments!