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Mario + Portals = Mari0

You see, the 0 looks like a Portal! (Wow, the stupid font makes the 0 almost indistinguishable from the o)

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Abobo’s Big Adventure

If you are human your lifelong dream has always been to finally get to play a game as Abobo, right?

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The GBA Ambassador Games Delayed Until Next Year

Have you been enjoying your free NES games on your Nintendo 3DS, fellow “ambassador”? Good, because you’ll have to make do with them for a while longer.

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Mega Marathon Live!

In an attempt to raise money for the charity organization Child’s Play, 3 dudes are playing some serious Mega Man for 48 hours straight.

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Get Your Nintendo 3DS Ambassador NES Games NOW!

I’m not sure this is the way you’re officially supposed to get them but it works.

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Huge Nintendo 3DS Price Drop

Nintendo doesn’t seem quite so happy about their Nintendo 3DS sales, so they’re dropping its price by a whopping 80$.

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