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Mysterious Bandai Namco Project

A mysterious site with a countdown and mysterious words like “AMBITION”, “BOND” and “DESIRE” has popped out of nowhere!

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Epic Wants YOU for a “new unannounced IP”

Epic Games, who are mainly known for their Gears of War series, have a position open for a super secret game.

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New Darkstalkers Announced (maybe)

During the SFxT conference at SDCC Yoshinori Ono just revealed this image and (sort of?) announced that there would be a new Darkstalkers.

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Tales of PS3 and 3DS

Namco Bandai have not only released 2 ads for their upcoming Nintendo 3DS port of Tales of the Abyss but are also cooperating with Sony to release a Tales of Xillia themed Playstation 3.

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Nintendo’s next Console is Called Wii U

Nintendo finally came out with the official name for their new system and revealed a bunch of games that will be making their way onto it.

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