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La Mulana Not Coming to Europe or America

Now all of you can stop believing in god.

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for PS3

I was 100% convinced that this was fake before seeing this official video.

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Mighty Switch Force to Get Some DLC

Twitter is going wild with news lately, eh?

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Out in August in Europe

Just recently New Super Mario Bros. 2 was revealed for the 3DS, now we know when it’s coming out.

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Kingdom Hearts 3D Gets European Release Date

And one for America, too!

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Brawl in the Family’s History Lesson

The lovely webcomic “Brawl in the Family”, which is mainly about Nintendo’s characters, is back after the author was seriously sick for a while and he returns with a very neat video on the history of Nintendo. It’s fun and informative, so welcome the guy back and give his site a visit!

New SNES Game “Nightmare Busters” Coming 2013

That’s right. A Super Nintendo game!

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Pokemon Black/White 2

I guess Pokemon Gray didn’t sound good enough?

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Seaman Coming to the 3DS

Making jokes about how it sounds like “semen” will be funny all over again.

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Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Games Update

The NES games from the Ambassador program are getting some updates to get them ready for a publicly available eShop release. First up is good old Mario.

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