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The Greatest Game That Has Yet to be Made

Just fucking think about this one for a second and you’ll know it’s the most amazing idea anybody has ever had.

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Ace Attorney 123HD Available for iOS

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Ace Attorney 5 is Announced!

If after reading the headline you have suddenly become unable to see your screen because it somehow turned all white, that is because of a phenomenon discovered by yours truly called “jizzing all over your screen”. It can even happen to women, as Ace Attorney 5 being announced is so awesome.

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Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Black/White

Starting February 12 Mewtwo will be up for catchs (I just made that word up) on the (still) most recent Pokemon games.

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Mario Party 9 Gets Japanese Release Date

Only until April will you have to wait for fights to break out between friends, families to fall apart and controllers to be destroyed.

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Cave Story Coming to European DSi Ware

It’s only been out in America for more than a year or so..

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Lots of Mario Party 9 Information

And you thought you didn’t care about Mario Party. Silly you!

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Review: Mighty Switch Force

Wayforward released their latest downloadable on the Nintendo 3DS not too long ago. Let me tell you about it.. IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!

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What was that just now? A 3DS Snake Eater Bundle!

Do you own a 3DS? Do you like Metal Gear Solid? If you do, are you even paying attention to what I’m writing down here? Hello?

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The New Pokemon Game Has Been Unveiled..

And it’s a crossover with Nobunaga’s Ambition.. and on the original Nintendo DS..?

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