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Pokemon Black/White 2 Trailer

Seems like there is more to this one than the typical Yellow/Gold-Treatment.

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Pokemon Black/White 2

I guess Pokemon Gray didn’t sound good enough?

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The Greatest Game That Has Yet to be Made

Just fucking think about this one for a second and you’ll know it’s the most amazing idea anybody has ever had.

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Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Black/White

Starting February 12 Mewtwo will be up for catchs (I just made that word up) on the (still) most recent Pokemon games.

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The New Pokemon Game Has Been Unveiled..

And it’s a crossover with Nobunaga’s Ambition.. and on the original Nintendo DS..?

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Pandaren and Pet Training Coming to WoW


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The Real eShop Start Lineup

None of this =(

Remember the eShop Lineup I posted some time ago?

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3D Pokédex for the 3DS

If you never dreamt of owning a Pokédex you’re dead to me. The rest of you can get excited about this upcoming 3DS eShop title.

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New Pokémon Game News..

Shit yeah! Charizard!

A while ago there was an announcement that a new Pokémon game would be revealed in Japanese magazine “Coro Coro”. What became of said reveal?

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