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Ragnarok Odyssey Opening Movie

Uh, so I kind of almost forgot to post something and now it’s kinda late..

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Playstation Vita Dated

Sony’s next entry into the handheld business finally got its release date.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Now On Android Market Place

And it’s pretty much a pocket edition of Minecraft.

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New Final Fantasy for the 3DS to be Rhythm Based

Japanese Jump Magazine got the scoop on what will be the next Final Fantasy on Nintendo’s newest handheld.

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Half Minute Hero – Super Mega Neo Climax –

The hectic fun of Half Minute Hero is making its way onto the Xbox360 later this month.

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The PlayStation Store is back!

The first image result for "buy stuff" on Google.

Do you have money? Do you want to spend it? Do you own a PlayStation3 or a PSP? Then you are one lucky person!

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So what are the games PSN users can choose from?

Super Stardust HD, one of the titles.

Now that Playstation Network is (mostly) back up, gamers around the world get 2 out of 5 PS3 and another 2 out of 4 PSP games to choose from for free.

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