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Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Coming to Consoles

Not just any other fighting game will be up for download in early June.

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Anarchy Reigns get Release Dates

It releases worldwide almost simultaneously.

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Bayonetta is in Anarchy Reigns!

She IS a fucking celebrity!

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Get Jet Set Ready-o on PSN and XBL!

I have no regrets regarding that pun.

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Sonic 4 Episode 2 Announced

Gamespot got a dude with the weirdest beard I have seen in a while to finally talk about the second episode of Sonic 4.

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Strider Hitting Wii Virtual Console

Just when I’m left wondering whether the Wii Virtual Console was still getting updates, the Genesis/Megadrive version of Strider comes running along.

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Super Monkey Ball Coming to PS Vita?

Do you like balls? Haha.. balls!

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Anarchy Reigns looks radical

This guy is the latest addition to the game's roster of characters.

How come I had never heard of this game until yesterday?

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