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New SNES Game “Nightmare Busters” Coming 2013

That’s right. A Super Nintendo game!

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Hawken Free to Play Mech Action

Mechs! Guns! People calling you names because it’s an online game!

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The Indie Royale Lightning Pack

That’s some seriou- *gets shot*

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Indie Game [stranded] Just Launched

It has dinosaurs!

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ITV Mistakes Video Game Footage for Reality, Looks Really Dumb For It

Or was it on purpose?

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Halo’s Creative Director Leaves Halo 4


One of Halo 4’s creative directors, Ryan Payton, left 343 Industries and opened up his own studio because he wasn’t creatively excited about the game anymore.

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Modern Warfare 3 Coming to the Nintendo DS

You read that right, not the 3DS but the original Nintendo DS.

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Borderlands 2 Announced, Written by Anthony Burch

It has been rumored for quite some time and was never made a secret, but now Borderlands 2 is officially revealed.

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No More Irem Content on PSN

One of Irem's games.

Do you like R-Type? Do you own a PS3 or a PSP? Do you like digital distribution? Well, you’re boned!

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