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Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Games Update

The NES games from the Ambassador program are getting some updates to get them ready for a publicly available eShop release. First up is good old Mario.

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The Greatest Game That Has Yet to be Made

Just fucking think about this one for a second and you’ll know it’s the most amazing idea anybody has ever had.

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Lollipop Chainsaw Gets Premium Edition, Additional Costumes

Ishn’t that a cute widdle bunny?

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Spy Fiction: The Spy Fiction Story

Find even more suspense and drama after the jump!

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Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 is Out!

It’s out and you should give it a try. That’s all.

Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter

Tim Schafer needs your help! And so does the WORLD OF ADVENTURES!

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Ace Attorney 123HD Available for iOS

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Hawken Free to Play Mech Action

Mechs! Guns! People calling you names because it’s an online game!

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Skullgirls Story mode Trailer

Because it’s another slow news day and I haven’t shown this game off enough.

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Spy Fiction Continues!

As promised, here are the most recently uploaded parts of my playthrough of SWERY’s first game. Including the opening, finally!

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