Is Arcade Edition Not the Last Rendition of Street Fighter IV After All?

Even though Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition was supposed to be the final version of Street Fighter IV, Yoshinori Ono of Capcom is now teasing fans with the possibility of a “2012” Edition.

If you think back to the release of Super Street Fighter IV, that version was originally claimed to be the last of its kind, so hearing that they might break that “promise” again doesn’t seem too unlikely. Since a lot of players are unhappy with how the balance turned out in Arcade Edition with Yun basically reigning supreme with Yang and Fei Long next in line for the throne and most of the rest of the cast having a hard time against those three. In those cases fans beg for a rebalance most of the time and guess what? The producer of the Street Fighter IV series responded!

If we can believe him, he has already had talks with his superiors to initiate something “like a AE 2012 ver”. Before you get your hopes up though, let it be known that Yoshinori Ono is known for “trolling” and mainly teasing his followers, so we will have to see if this will ever bear fruit.



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