Persona 4 Fighting Game in the Works!

This is like a dream I didn’t even have come true!

When I first heard somebody mention something along the lines of a Persona 4 fighting game I just assumed it was a joke, but it left me curious enough to do some research and.. it turned out to be true! Arc System Works, the team well known for fighters like BlazBlue are working together with the Persona team to bring us this incredible idea of a game. Toshimichi Mori of ArcSys is leading the project. As for now, the following features for “Persona 4: Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena” are known:

  • Arcade Mode: Face off against CPU opponents while following the story
  • Story Mode: Delve deeper into the arcade mode’s story. This will be exclusive to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. (does this mean a PC or Wii release, or maybe a 3DS/PSVita version are coming, too?)
  • Score Attack Mode: Face off against CPU opponents to get the high score
  • VS Mode: Face off against a CPU or human opponent
  • Online Battle: Face off against players throughout the world in online combat
  • Characters from Persona 4 and 3

The story is supposedly set 2 months after the events of Persona 4, so my love-gauge should already be maxed out with Chie and I should be able to summon the hand of god down on bitches with her, right? Current plans are for a release during Spring 2012, which is surprisingly soon. Now let’s just hope this is going to be a worldwide release.

So yeah: Hands off, boners! Chie is mine and mine alone! You might not be able to tell, but I’m excited and I like Chie Satonaka (who is a character in Persona 4).

Source   More Famitsu Scans  Actual Screenshots


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