This set of new trailers shows some new Jin and Dictator gameplay and also reveals Akuma/Gouki from Street Fighter and Ogre from Tekken to be playable characters. Honestly though, I had never even heard of Ogre before rumors of him being in Street Fighter X Tekken  came about. He doesn’t look too cool to me, but I’m sure he has his fans.

Team Juri/Dictator is awesome for the sole reason that they have the two best voices in the game. I god damn love those voices! GOD DAMN!

Anyway, here are the other trailers:

And another story trailer from Dan Hibiki’s, the world’s greatest fighter’s, perspective.

In the meantime, hope for the characters I would like to play being in the game is slowly withering away..

Update: A PC release date has been given. It is May 11th; about 2 months after the console release. That’s rather acceptable, considering how long it took Street Fighter IV to hit computers.

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