Ace Attorney 5 is Announced!

If after reading the headline you have suddenly become unable to see your screen because it somehow turned all white, that is because of a phenomenon discovered by yours truly called “jizzing all over your screen”. It can even happen to women, as Ace Attorney 5 being announced is so awesome.

It’s finally time! After a damn long time, with the Edgeworth games (of which the second never even made it out of Japan) to fill the gap a little bit, Ace Attorney 5 has finally been announced. That seems to be all that is confirmed so far though, but I think we can assume that it will be on the Nintendo 3DS and that it will be fucking awesome. AND THAT’S NOT EVEN ALL!

Alongside the above announcement, an Ace Attorney HD collection was confirmed to be released on iDevices such as the iPad and the iPhone, with Android versions to follow. Those games should transition well onto these touch-based devices, as you could already entirely control them on the DS via touch-screen-controls. I especially like the fact that the Android is getting some love, because that’s what I have and almost all of the ports so far have been Apple-exclusive.



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